Showgard Stamp Mounts Strip US3 -75 STRIPS – **FREE SHIPPING**


Strip Style W/tray – #22 Thru #52



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Strip Style W/tray-no.22 Thru No.52 (75) This Set Offers 5 Strips Each Of The 15 Most Popular Showgard Mounts For Single Stamps In An Indexed, Refillable Storage Tray. 75 Strips In All. The Set Contains 5 Strips Each Of #22, #24, #25, #27, #28, #30, #31, #33, #36, #39, #41, #44, #48, #50 And #52.   CONTAINS A TOTAL OF 75 STRIPS


Designed for stamps of all nations, Showgard Mounts are available in cut-style, strip and Souvenir Sheet forms. The cut-style are precisely sized for U.S. singles and plate blocks. The strip form is useful for less common and in between stamp sizes. The Souvenir Sheet sizes are cut to size for many of the special U.S. Souvenir Sheets issued over the years. All Showgard mounts are gummed with an exclusive formula to ensure safe, firm adhesion to the album page. They make stamp collecting more enjoyable and at the same time protect stamp values.

Showgard mounts are made of oriented polystyrene, that is to say, containing no softening agent that might be harmful to postage stamp ink, paper, or gum. In addition to the time proven safety of the foil there is also Showgard mount’s functional design, twin parallel welds that keep stamps securely in position while permitting the free passage of air around the stamp.

Mounts are available with black background or all clear.




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