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About iStampMounts

At iStampMounts, stamp collecting is in our blood. Our founder, Richard Kauffman has been an avid philatelist for over 60 years. His passion for stamp collecting permeates everything we offer and everything we do in terms of customer service.

We have an extensive catalog of top quality products from Prinz, Showgard, Scott, Safe, EZ Stamp, Lighthouse, among others. These are products that we have loved over many decades of stamp collecting. We stand by the quality of everything that we sell. As we offer products only online, we are able to keep our costs low. You will see this reflected in the low prices we offer.

Most of our products are shipped the same day. Our shipping costs are very reasonable. We also offer exceptional customer service. If don’t like what you have purchased, we have a no hassle return policy. Just return the products back to us within 14 days. If you have any questions about any product that we offer, feel free to contact us.

We take your privacy and security very seriously. We don’t share your information with any one else. We use SSL encryption for all credit card transactions. We don’t store your credit card information at all. It is instead sent directly to the bank for processing.

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Cutting A Mount to Size Mount Height When selecting the mount height select a height that does not “squash” the item in the mount. If need be select the next higher size. However, there are Read more…

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iStampMounts, P.O.Box 132, Hamburg, PA 19526. U.S.A.

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The iStamp Mounts Way

As avid philatelists ourselves, we demand top quality from the products that protect and preserve our collections. We offer you, our customers, the same stamp mounts, stamp hinges, stamp corners, stock pages as well tools and other philatelic supplies that we have loved over the years and continue to use. Our prices as well as shipping costs are very reasonable. If you have any questions, please reach out by email or by phone. We would love to hear from you.