2000 Annual Showgard Size Guide

2000 Size Guide for Showgard Mounts – U.S. Stamps

Scott #DescriptionSingles
(# stamps)
Mount Size
Plate Blocks
(# stamps)   Mount Size
3370Year of the DragonJ(4) 50(4) 63
3371Patricia HarrisJV(4) 80(4)165/94 OR 63
3190Celebrate the CenturyS SS 191/229
3372-7U.S. Navy SubmarinesJ/25 Pane 140/89 Booklet 165/94
3378Pacific Coast Rain ForestAV SS 175
3379-83Louise NevelsonAV(5) 4191
3384-8Edwin HubbleJV(5) 41Top 91 bottom 165/94
3389American SamoaJ(4) 5063
3390Library of CongressAV(4) 80Top 127 Bottom 89
3391Wile E. Coyote & Road RunnerJV Pane 229/131
3393-6Dintinguished SoldiersAH(4) 63Top 96 Bottom (188.5 x 191.5)
3397Summer SportsJ(4) 5063
3398AdoptionAV(4) 80100
3399-3402Youth Team SportsAV Top 100 Bottom 165/94
3403Stars and StripsAH SS 198
3408Legends of BaseballAV SS 198
3414-7Stampin the FutureAH(5) 31SS 181
3438California StatehoodJV(4) 80 
3439-43Deep Sea CreaturesAH(5) 41181
3444Thomas WolfeJ(4) 50(4) 63
 Edward G. RobinsonJV(4) 80SS 188


Scott #DescriptionSingles
(# stamps)
Mount Size
Plate Blocks
(# stamps)   Mount Size
C16560� Grand CanyonJ(4) 5063
3294-7Fruit BerriesE Booklet #48
3052eCoral Pink RoseE Booklet #48
3404-7Fruit Berries – coilE Strips #22
3420Joseph StillwellE 63
3426Claude PepperE 63
 White House24(4) 48260/59
 Lion StatueE Strips #25
 Statue of LibertyEH Booklets 260/46, coils #25
 Flag Over FarmE 63 Panes #127, coils #25
 Four FlowersE(4) 50Booklets 260/46, coils #25

Space Exploration Issues

Scott #DescriptionSingles
(# stamps)
Mount Size
3413Landing on the Moon (1) Horizontal36 or DH127
3411Escaping the Gravity of Earth (2) Horizontal36 or DH188
3409Probing the Vastness of Space (6) HorizontalJ127
3410Exploring the Solar System (5) Pentagonal36188


Scott #DescriptionMount Size
3370Year of the Dragon204/153
3371Patricia Harris188
3190Celebrate the Century191/229
3372-7U.S. Navy Submarines140/89
3378Pacific Coast Rain Forest175
3379-83Louise Nevelson181
3384-8Edwin Hubble188
3389American Samoa204/153
3390Library of Congress215
3391Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner229/131
3393-6Dintinguished Soldiers188
3397Summer Sports204/153
3399-3402Youth Team Sports265/231 OR 181
3403Stars and Strips198
3408Legends of Baseball198
C13560C Grand Canyon204/152
3414-7Stampin the Future181
 Joseph Stillwell127
 Claude Pepper127
 Space Exploration IssuesSpace Pack
3438California Statehood167
3439-43Deep Sea Creatures181
3444Thomas Wolfe204/153
 White House139
 Edward G. Robinson188
 Flag Over Fram127
 Statue of Liberty260/46
 Four Flowers260/46
Coils – Horizontal #25
Coils – Vertical   #25Standard Postcards #140/89
Large Format Postcards #111 First Day Covers #165/94

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