Original Hagner. The worlds’ No. 1 stocksheet for more than thirty years. Contains no PVC, no acetate, no polystyrene, no plasticizers, detrimental additives or sticky adhesives.

Every stamp mounted on Hagner stock sheets is firmly trapped between two inert substances. Highest quality pH neutralized paperboard and crystal clear polyester film have been so strongly joined together that more than 50 overlapping stamps will stay firmly in place under a single strip.

Choose from one-sided or two-sided sheets in black only. All Hagner stock sheets are 8 ½” x 11” and require no interleaving. Just lift the polyester strip, bend in back, place your stamps in position and let the strip snap back. For Hagner quality and safety you must ask for Hagner by name.

No noxious PVC or acetate, no dyed black paper insert will ever touch your valuable sheets. Pages are open at top and right for easy insertion to prevent perforation damage.

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